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Thyroid Disorders / Hypothyroidism / Hashimoto's / Hyperthyroidism
In Traditional Chinese Medicine, hyperthyroidism comes from too much fire or too little water in your body. Acupuncture and herbs together will balance and harmonize fire and water, so that hyperthyroid disorders are cured. Hypothyroidism and Hashimoto's thyroiditis are similar in their cause and are also curable by the use of Traditional Chinese Medicine. In Chinese medicine these condition come from too much damp, water retention and lack of fire to transform water. We use acupuncture and herbs to stimulate fire and speed up the water metabolism function.

In August 2005 at 43 years of age, the left lobe of my thyroid was removed because a big nodule was nearly replacing the left lobe. The biopsy indicated it was a non toxic nodular goiter (follicular neoplasm). Before the surgery, the value of my the hormone excreted by the pituitary gland to stimulate the thyroid, the Thyroid- Stimulating Hormone (TSH), was 1.33 uIU/ml.

Many labs in the US consider a TSH of 0.5–5.0 to be within normal range, but the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists in 2002 established a narrower “normal” TSH margin of 0.3–3.04. Eight months after the surgery my TSH increased to 3.04uIU/m, and the endocrinologist suggested me to take thyroid hormones.

I did not like that option, so in April 2006 I visited Dr. Xiu Juan Yang, a highly trained Chinese doctor and a very warm, cheerful woman. She treated me with acupuncture and herbs. During one month, I had two sessions of acupuncture every week and took an herbal tea three times a day. Then, I stopped for 90 days because I was traveling.

When I returned to New York, I reinitiated the treatment with her for two additional months, and in August 2006 my TSH had dropped to 1.46uIU/m. One more time, I had to stop the treatment because I went to my native country to take care of my ill father.

Six months later I came back to New York, and my TSH was 3.06 uIU/m. At that time, I was under a lot of stress, my father had passed away and I did not have a job. I look to Dr.Yang, I knew she could help me. After two months of one session of acupuncture every week, my TSH dropped again, reaching the value of 1.58 uIU/m in March 2007.

My nomadic life continued, and I left New York for almost four months, causing the interruption of the treatment. I came back in July and a TSH test indicated a value of 3.42 uIU/m.  Immediately I started visiting Dr. Yang every week, and after 1month the TSH had dropped to 1.99 uIU/m. I could not continue with the treatment, because I am not living in New York anymore.

Elena A.

Dr. Yang and Dr. Liu are licensed master practitioners of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine and are PhDs, MDs from China. Both trained 11 years in a full-time MD and PhD Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine program. They are currently teaching professors and chief physicians in the field of gynecology and internal medicine. They maintain a private clinical practice in New York City and Jericho Long Island and are training prospective acupuncturists in the USA. They bring to you a combination of 48 years of clinical experience in the USA, Norway, Sweden, South Korea, Brazil, Greece and China Hospitals. They have published 25 books and 175 research articles in the past 23 years in Acupuncture, Herbal and Integrated Medicine
We have clinics in Manhattan and Long Island
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