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WebMD cites Back Pain as the No.1 reported reason patients seek out acupuncture treatment. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine all pain is due the blockage of the flow of blood, acupuncture can remove the blockage and increase the blood flow and eliminate the root cause of the pain. For most of acute pain, acupuncture relives pain in about five minutes, this is much quicker than most pain killers. The response of the body to acupuncture for chronic pain may take a little longer.


Sciatic Pain (Lower Back Pain)

One acupuncture session has made me pain free!

If ever you had any doubts about Acupuncture, I know I did, please read on and you will find out why my doubts vanished. I wish I had known all of this months ago and avoided all of the pain that I have suffered for lack of this knowledge. Knowledge is indeed power.

Dear Dr. Yang:

Any accolades that I may bestow upon you are not enough for what you have done for me. I feel compelled to write you to share my feelings with others concerning the recent almost tragic events concerning the state of my health. At times because of the ever so persistent severe pain endured by me for the past 5 months, I began to believe the quality of life I once was blessed with, was perhaps coming to an end. A foreboding end, and so I thought, until fate kindly placed me in contact with you, Dr. Yang, a person who gave over 11 years of her youth studying Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine and Biomedicine so that someday she would unselfishly be able to devote herself in bringing solace and peace to patients like myself crying out for some way to stop the pain.

I want to tell people that I was at the end of my rope until this talented, learned doctor from Beijing practiced her magical skill upon me and placed me back into the comfortable world I once knew. I was freed from my pain in the very first session in the matter of one minute. How does one thank someone like this after going through what I did, almost to a point of being unbearable? If ever you had any doubts about Acupuncture, I know I did, here is what I went through before seeing Dr. Yang and discovering for myself the true value of Acupuncture.

A little over 5 months ago I got up from bed one morning in severe pain in my lower right back. One is usually asked to give a level for the pain that you feel by medical professionals rating it on a scale of 0-10 (0 = No Pain to 10 = Worst Pain). Well my pain was an 8 (8 = Severe Pain), and after 2 weeks of taking Aleve and Advil with just a little relief it was reduced to maybe a 7 (between Moderate Pain and Severe Pain). I proceeded to seek out a medical doctor who referred me to some specialists. Out of respect for the profession and the sake of privacy, I will not mention any names or places. The ongoing pain at first thought to be possibly a kidney stone and so I was referred to an Urologist. A CAT-scan revealed no stones and no problems with the Gallbladder, Liver, Spleen, or to any of the other organs in the area. Of course I was grateful for this information, but the pain still present and persistent and not getting any better.

I was then referred to an Orthopedist. An MRI did not reveal anything significant about the source of the pain. The next theory considered was that the pain might being caused by a broken or cracked rib. X-rays were ordered and again only negative results were obtained. I was sent to physical therapy for 13 sessions of treatment. The therapist did her best but it only reduced the pain level to a 5 (Moderate Pain) for a few hours. Nevertheless, just for that I was grateful. Please bear in mind that I am not the president of United States who would undoubtedly be given top priority at Walter Reed Army Medical Center and all of these tests and examinations would take place in a matter of hours. The source of the pain was not classified and was still ever present. At night I would only be able to sleep between 1-3 hours at the most and so I became sleep deprived. This was a horrible state of mind to be in. One day with the level of pain at an 8, and with hardly any sleep or solace, I admitted myself to a well known hospital for help. They repeated the CAT-scan with the same negative results. Pain killers were administered and I was referred to a Pain Management Clinic. They could not tend to me for several months because they were overloaded with patients. How much pain are we humans in these days?

To date, I have visited 10 doctors, 2 physical therapists, a renowned hospital, 2 CAT-scans, a sonogram, 16 X-rays, an MRI, special blood work ups, and other tests. All of these were negative with no further explanation as to the cause for my pain. Without a cause, what could be effectively treated? With all this good negativity but for my age, and that relentless unmerciful pain, I could almost try out for the position of an Astronaut.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this letter, I crossed paths with Dr. Yang who I almost did not elect to see because after everything I somehow endured, this pleasant voice on the other end of the phone proclaimed, "I will cure you, first visit, this is a great opportunity for you to try Acupuncture." Who could make such a claim? I had my doubts after all of my experiences to date. For some reason her confidence in her treatment encouraged me to make an appointment and my pain helped me show up at Dr. Yang's office on time. Now I know from my own experience she was right, she could and did eliminate my pain! At the end of my first visit to see Dr. Yang, I walked out of her office, pain free (0 on the 1 to 10 scale), without drugs or shots for the first time in 5 months.

Last night I visited one of my favorite places, the beautiful harbor at Port Jefferson. I was able to walk among the crowd, pain free with only thoughts of gratitude and admiration for Dr. Yang, the talented doctor from Beijing, with a sweet soul, dedicated to her patients. How many times can I thank you Doctor Yang?

I will always regard you as, "my gift from China".

Ever so grateful,

Lee C. Bohemia, NY

Back Pain Relieved In One Treatment

Dear Dr. Yang and Dr. Liu

I would always hear people complaining about back pain and was so grateful I was not one of them. Until out of the blue, I was paralyzed with back pain. I was extremely upset that I would be one of those people with back problems. Many of my family members see Dr. Yang and Dr. Liu for various reasons and referred me to them. My back went out on Thursday 12/29/05. I visited Dr. Yang on Monday 1/2/06. With only one treatment I was back to my normal self. It felt like nothing ever happened, I wish I had visited Dr. Yang and Dr. Liu on Thursday the day it happened. It would have saved me 4 days of debilitating pain.

I am so glad I am not one of these people with back trouble.

Thank you both.

Josephine M, Massapequa, NY

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