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Infertility: Natural Conceived by Acupuncture Treatment
(Tried her own for five years)

My husband and I have being tried to conceive for five years. I visited Dr. Yang before going for IVF support. During my ovulation period, Dr. Yang gave me about five sessions of acupuncture, I became pregnant naturally. I would suggest trying acupuncture first before anything else like ART to get a natural pregnancy. This was my first time trying acupuncture and now I am a believer, especially in Dr. Yang!

Kimberly R. New York, NY

Infertility due to no Ovulation and Amenorrhea
(Conceived by Acupuncture plus IUI)

Dear Dr. Yang, I would like to thank you for your assistance in helping me and my husband to become pregnant ! I am 39 years old and have been trying to conceive for two years. I’ve always had irregular cycle with 2 or 3 natural periods per year. I do not ovulate also. I had two failed IUIs with Gonal-F. After I started acupuncture treatment two times per week with herbal tea for three months, I lost 20 pounds and had a successful 3rd IUI and now I am pregnant. My first 2 failed IUIs produced only one dominated egg and my lining was only 7 to 12 mm. My successful 3rd IUI with acupuncture treatments helped me to produce 3 dominated eggs and a lining of 16 mm. The acupuncture made the difference because the Gonal-F dosage was the same for all 3 IUIs.

I am happily pregnant and believe that your knowledge and your unique acupuncture technique and hands made the difference.

Renee R. Westbury, Long Island, NY

Naturally Conceived with Acupuncture Treatment
( Patient has severe Endometriosis )

I was diagnosed with Endometriosis and with Hashimoto's disease (thyroid disease) in December, 2006. And. I had an operation to remove ovarian cysts in January 2007. I found Dr. Yang in March 2007. She told me that I should come for acupuncture during ovulation which I did. After five sessions of acupuncture during ovulation, I got pregnant naturally. I am very happy and impressed with what she does. Now I am doing holding baby sessions. I am so lucky to find her. She is awesome.

Yanina G. NYC. NY

Infertility (IUI support)

My husband and I have tried to conceive for two years. We failed three IUIs with Clomid. We were referred to Dr. Yang by one of her patients who have naturally conceived successfully with Dr. Yang's acupuncture treatment. Doctor Yang spent so much time with me on my first visit; she reviewed my medical history and realized that my endometriosis might be the reason that was causing my fertility issue. Dr. Yang told me that even though I had laparoscopic surgery, I still have some scar tissue in my pelvis from that operation that is called Qi and Blood Stasis in Chinese Medicine. Doctor Yang told me acupuncture will bring blood flow into my pelvis, ovary and uterus to break down this blockage, and that would help prepare for IUI. Then Dr. Yang put some acupuncture needles in my sacrum region, I immediately felt warmth and energy flow into my lower back and inside of my lower abdomen. After that Dr. Yang put some needles in my lower abdominal area. I was treated twice a week. After three weeks, I had my 4th IUI done with my doctor. Then 14 days later after my insemination surprising and exciting news happened, I am pregnant! I can not thank you Dr. Yang enough. You saved me and saved my life. I would like more people to know about Dr. Yang and the good work that she does.

Catrin J., Oyster Bay, NY

Infertility (PCOS, Frozen Embryos Transfer Support)

I want to tell everybody about Dr. Yang's acupuncture treatment that helped me to conceive. I am really a believer in acupuncture now as a result. I suffer from Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) and I had failed IUIs five times in a row. Eight months ago I had my first IVF, but no success. I was going to try frozen embryo transfer next. I called Dr. Yang to see if she could help me be successful. Dr. Yang is a sweetheart; she is very patient and answered all of my questions quite professionally. Dr. Yang told me that she is even more successfully helping people to conceive with frozen embryo transfer. In two weeks, before my transfer, I had five sessions of acupuncture with her, by March 6 I got great news that I was pregnant. Three weeks later, my doctor told me that I have baby twins!! I owe many thanks to you Dr. Yang. I am lucky to have found find you.

Deanna D., Oakdale, NY

Infertility (High FSH, Frozen Embryos Transfer)

Dear Dr. Yang and Dr. Liu:

Thank you both so much. You helped me to achieve my goal. When I came back from my doctor, I was so disappointed because I was told that I have to use donated eggs due to my high FSH. I couldn't accept this. After failing my IVF cycle, I was referred to Dr. Yang and Dr. Liu by Dr. Sher. Doctor Yang said "Before you do another new IVF cycle, you'd better to try a frozen embryo transfer. Acupuncture will help you to be successful." I was so scared of needles. It surprised me that I even did not feel that the first acupuncture needle was already in my abdomen. After that I relaxed with my acupuncture treatments. Eight visits later, the miracle happened, when my nurse told me that my HCG is positive, I cried and I couldn't believe this was really happening I was pregnant. I called Dr. Yang and told her the great news. Dr. Yang suggested me to have a few "holding baby" treatment sessions. I have twins this time!! Dr. Yang is a miracle lady.

Lisa R., Bayshore, NY

Infertility (IVF Support)

Dearest Dr. Yang:

We cannot thank you enough!! You know you are amazing! Two fertility doctors, acupuncture with a different acupuncturist in Deer Park, hypnosis and a holistic doctors……. We failed twelve IUIs and three IVFs, we almost gave up trying. Then finally we met you. We are finally pregnant!! Meeting you for our last IVF try, I know that you make a big difference from previous acupuncturist. We truly cannot thank you enough. I know you met my husband not just by chance, but for a bigger reason and we feel so luck. So thank you for everything! Thank you for being a friend.

Tova S., Great Neck, NY

Constant failure of IVF, Acupuncture Supported the 5th IVF Success

I am a 35 year old woman who has gone through many IVF attempts- 4 full fresh cycles and one frozen. For my last two fresh cycles, I incorporated for the first time, acupuncture from Dr. Yang. I went approximately once a week, sometimes twice, and I got pregnant both times. Unfortunately the first one ended in miscarriage early on, but the second one resulted in my current twin pregnancy! We’re very excited and very thankful to Dr. Yang. My sessions with her were always very enjoyable. She’s very easy to talk to and very knowledgeable about IVF and infertility. It is always so relaxing in her office. I often fall asleep during my sessions of acupuncture, which is much needed during IVF and pregnancy and a welcome break during the day. If I ever told her I was little stressed about work or anything, she’d add an acupuncture point for that. She always listens and helps when she can. I have continued with Dr. Yang through my first trimester and I have had virtually no nausea or morning sickness, I attribute that to Dr. Yang’s treatment as well. Her knowledge, compassion and professionalism are the reasons I would highly recommend Dr. Yang for anyone with fertility issues.

Carrie O. NYC, New York

Male Infertility Factor
(pregnant by Acupuncture plus IUI)

I was recommended by friend of mine to Dr. Liu because my sperm had low morphology and I was told that this might be a reason why I was having trouble impregnating my wife. I saw Dr. Liu about two times a week from 10/25/2006 to 2/20/2007. After a total of twenty – six sessions of acupuncture plus a herbal tea twice a day for several months, my morphology improved from 2% to 9%, and my motility improved from 40% to 70%. My wife now is pregnant by 3rd IUI.

Frederick W. New York, NY

Male Infertility Factor
(Acupuncture Helps Natural Conception after 4 IUI failures)

I just want to everybody to know how much I believe acupuncture for infertility, and Dr. Yang is specialized in it. I have gone to other two acupuncturists for infertility, neither one was really warm and supportive like Dr. Yang. I am 38 years old, after I have failed 3 IUIs with Clomid, I came to Dr. Yang on Augurst, 2006, and then I did one more cycle IUI with Injectable which I failed. But I continued come to Dr. Yang and urged my husband also to come for acupuncture treatment because he has low sperm motility and poor morphology. He came two times a week and had herbal tea, he came totally 15 sessions and I had 12 sessions, and after failed 4th IUI, we scheduled for IVF, during we were waiting for IVF, we became pregnant by naturally, I absolutely think that Dr. Yang has a hand to our success, so that we don’t have to go thru IVF.

I have referred two of my friends who have infertility issues to come see Dr. Yang, so far both of my friends got pregnant also with Dr. Yang's treatment!!!!

Nina H. New York, NY.


Dear Dr. Yang,

I would like to thank you for your amazing treatment to cure my allergies. I want everyone to know acupuncture really worked for me to eliminate my allergies. I wish someone told my about this long ago. Since my third visit, my allergies are completely relieved. I went for a total of five treatments and I had three months free of any allergies when I have never had a clear day before that I can remember.

As you know, I had suffered from allergies since childhood. In recent years they have been getting worse. The allergies start every year beginning in March. These allergies made me absolutely miserable with my eyes burning, tearing, my throat itching and scratching, and my nose being congested. This June my uncle, who also has had allergies, recommended that I see Dr. Yang. The first treatment was amazing!!! I felt my nose open and totally clear up in one minute when Dr. Yang put one needle in my scalp, two around my nose, and one needle on my hand. I was surprised that acupuncture works just like my nose drops, fast. The nice thing is that acupuncture hasn't any side effects. I asked her why needles did not hurt and why there was no bleeding. Dr. Yang told me that first of all the needles she uses are very fine and with her twenty years practicing, treating around 15 to 20 patients per day, her fingers are forceful, gentle, and flexible. This painless technique results from this unique experience. Every time I am treated I feel soothed, de-stressed and fall asleep as I am so relaxed.

Thank you Dr. Yang. You are very knowledgeable, gentle and caring.

Gianni, Massapequa, NY 11758.

Chron's Disease

I've had Crohn's disease for about 13 years. Throughout this time, I went to see many doctors at off and on times to determine what was wrong with me. No one could ever diagnosis me so I was always told I had upset stomach or anxiety. The year of 2005 was a particularly bad year for me with symptoms such as diarrhea and stomach pains consistently throughout the year. I could have up to 13 bowel movements on a normal day. I thought I had gotten food poisoning more than anyone I knew. The symptoms were affecting both my personal and professional life by keeping me tied to a bathroom at all times. I noticed symptoms were always worsened when I consumed coffee, alcohol or any greasy and fattening food. I would also feel especially bad if I was stressed. Any common day-to-day anxiety would cause immediate diarrhea and sometimes vomiting.

I had another GI examine me in the fall of 2005, this time with more success. He was the first doctor to suggest I had an IBD, Crohn's or colitis. I schedule a colonoscopy for the week following thanksgiving. The colonoscopy and the week of holiday eating that led up to happened to cause the worst flare up I had ever experienced. I was hospitalized that day and began my first year of coping with the Crohn's disease I was finally diagnosed with.

Months of a limited diet and lots of medication did nothing to improve my symptoms. I was seeing a nutritionist whose goal was to make me put weight back on before understanding what I could and could not digest. I was also seeing my Gastroenterologist regularly who continued to prescribe more and more medication for the problems that seemed to increase with every additional pill that I took. Not only was I dealing with diarrhea, but now I had constant fatigue and extreme depression, extreme weight loss and occasional and uncontrollable fainting spells.

After I ended up in the hospital again, I gave up on the "Western Medicine Approach". I stopped taking all my medication and started to consider a holistic approach. I had heard of acupuncture but I wasn't sure if anything could be done to help me after 13 years of suffering.

After just one appointment with Dr. Yang, I felt a vast improvement. I had my first solid bowel movement since my diagnosis and I started to see improvements after my first month of twice-weekly visits with Dr. Yang and started to research diet effects on Crohn's and what a more suitable test diet would be. I used the "Maker's Diet" by Jordan Rubin as my guide.

The combination of acupuncture and the right diet was the answer. In the six months that have passed since I started acupuncture, my life has improved beyond description. I feel healthy, happy and as if I finally have control over my disease. Dr. Yang has put my Crohn's into remission without the aid of any medication. Consistency with my visits to her, taking the herbs she prescribes and sticking to the proper diet is key.

My visits with Dr. Yang are the most relaxing and comforting part of my week. I will be forever grateful for what she has done to help put me into remission.

Laura C. New York City, NY.

Heart Burn and Acid Reflux

Dr. Yang and Dr. Liu:

Thanks for treating me. After 6 months of discomfort with acid reflux, heartburn, stomachache and bloating, I was referred to you by my doctor. Since I have tried all kinds of medication, nothing works for me. I am so happy that you cured me with only seven acupunctuire treatments. Acupuncture is miracle!! I will tell everybody I know.

Gary W. New York, NY

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

To all who have Irritable Bowel Syndrome:

I have had severe IBS for over a year. I tried everything I could think of before coming to see Dr. Yang and Dr. Liu as nothing had helped me at all. After my first acupuncture treatment my symptoms were 90% better. At the end of six acupuncture treatments, I was completely cured with no symptoms at all. I was 13 weeks pregnant when I came for the first acupuncture treatment and so Dr. Yang couldn't do as many points as she would have done otherwise. Even with the minimal points used, along with the use of herbs, I am 100% better. I bring my mom to Dr. Yang's office now. I want to tell everybody who suffers from IBS that acupuncture really works!

Thanks for your wonderful help! Serena B., New York City

Kidney Disorder

I am 19 years old. In 2004, my urine routing test was found to have proteinuria and microhematuria, 24 hour urine protein is very high to 8930 mg (normal is less 150 mg/24 hours). I had further renal biopsy and found that I have 30-40 % of the kidney damaged and diagnosed as Ig-A nephropathy. I was told by my MD that there is no medication to cure my condition, I was told to wait as kidney failure was the most likely prospect and kidney transplant would be in the future.

My dad's friend suggested that I see Dr. Liu & Dr. Yang. They are both licensed acupuncturists and Dr. Liu is a herbalist specialized in nephropathy.

They treated me with acupuncture and some herbs since February 18, 2005. After 25 sessions treatment, I retested by my MD on July 25, 2005, it shows that my 24 hours urine protein is decreased to 4830 mg (good condition), my Creatinine Clearance is increased from 75 ml/min to 94 ml/min within the normal range (normal range 80-120 ml / min).

I will try to continue doing this treatment since it made a measurable significant improvement.

Thank you Dr. Liu & Dr. Yang

Aldrin, Commack, NY 11725

Knee Arthritis

I am a retired Public Supervisor and collegiate sports official for over 35 years. In July 2003, I underwent a total knee replacement of my let knee. I had 3 orthoscopic procedures on each knee prior to July 2003.

In December of 2004, I asked by orthopedic surgeon about replacing my right knee. He recommended that we wait another 18 months to 2 years. I asked about pain management in the near term. He recommended acupuncture.

I then came to see Dr. Yang. From the beginning, she told me that the relief could last a few hours to a few days. I can say that since I have been undergoing Acupuncture, my pain has been diminished from an 8 to a 3 or 2 on a scale of 1 to 10. The condition of my right knee is basically bone to bone, but with the increased blood flow which I have achieved through weekly visits, I am returning to officiating football this fall and have played a lot more golf this summer than the last 2 years. I am also considering putting of the surgery indefinitely as my right knee has become much more mobile and less painful.

For this I can thank Dr. Yang and wish that insurance companies in this country would open their eyes and their coffers to this very effective alternative medicine.

Patrick W.

Neck Pain and Arm Pain Relived in One Treatment

I came to Dr. Yang because of severe pain and restricted movement of my neck whenever I turned my head left or right. After one treatment I left her office being able to move my neck pain free and regained full movement left and right. At the some time Dr. Yang treated me for my neck pain, she asked if there was anything else that bothered me. I told her I had sustained an injury to my left arm in June and that the muscle pain was still obvious when I raised my arm. Dr. Yang immediately treated my arm and after that one treatment, the pain was completely gone. I was able to raise it without the pain I had been experiencing for all those months.

Lastly, my thumb has arthritis in it, which is most painful for everyday movements, and I have unable to snap my finger for about a year. I mentioned this to Dr. Yang and she began to treat my thumb, saying she could help me be pain free. After two treatments I was able to snap my fingers, and the pain and swelling have diminished substantially. Dr. Yang gave me a bottle of herbs which I have been using on my thumb, with incredible results.

I am most grateful to Dr. Yang for her ability to heal my body ailments. Most amazing is her ability to eliminate the pain at the first treatment!

Barbara G. Huntington, NY

Meniere's Disease

I have suffered from Meniere's disease for over twenty years. My right ear had lost hearing completely. Since then I get dizzy, lightheadedness every day and worse after physical exertion. I was recommended by Dr. Goldofsky, MD to you since there is no medication and no conventional medicine cure for this condition. After two acupuncture and scalp acupressure, my head is very clear with no dizziness at all. I could not believe this is true, so I went to gym to do physical exercise, I didn't feel dizzy. I consequently had fourteen visits in three month; I had no reoccurrence at all. Dr. Yang is a specially trained acupuncture expert in Meniere's disease according to Dr. Goldofsky. Now I realized that she is expert in using acupuncture to cure Meniere's disease.

Jeffrey, Great Neck, NY 11021

Stop Smoking / Quit Smoking

I had a one pack per day smoking habit and had tried several methods to stop smoking without any success. Since I started with Dr. Yang, she helped me to stop smoking, and change my quality of life. At the first visit, she put six acupuncture needles in my ear and body. Then she gave me some tinny brown herbal balls and told me to put them in my mouth and chew them like candy. Dr. Yang asked me to visit her again four days later. When I saw her the second time, I had already stopped smoking completely. Dr. Yang explained to me that I needed see her for a total of five sessions to complete the treatment. The first two visits to help with my withdrawal, the other sessions are for cleansing my lungs. I followed Dr. Yang instructions and chewing herbal balls when I feel irritated. So far I haven't felt the need to smoke as a result of Dr. Yang's treatment and my continuing to follow her instructions!!

I highly recommend Dr. Yang to you. Her compassion and personality puts you at ease and you feel very relaxed and stopping smoking with her good help.

Donna, Massapequa, NY 11758.

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