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Acupuncture NYC - Bell's Palsy & Facial Paralysis

Bell's palsy or idiopathic facial palsy is the most common disorder affecting the facial nerves and results in weakness or paralysis on one side of the face. The condition may cause considerable emotional distress because of its characteristic appearance drooping appearance around the eye and mouth thus adversely effecting self-esteem and life experience. It is thought to be caused by inflammation of the facial nerve. It is thought that the inflammation and swelling of the facial nerve may be caused by combined vascular, infectious and immunological reaction.

In China, Bell’s palsy is called Zhong Feng which literally translates to “Wind Attack.” It is believed that Bell’s palsy is caused when Wind and Cold invade the meridians, muscles and tendons of the face.The normal flow of Qi and Blood is disrupted in the face resulting in malnourishment of the facial muscles and tendons. 'Qi' refers to the vital substances comprising the human body and the physiological functions of viscera and bowels, channels and collaterals. It maintains life activities and reflects the resistance of the human body. Deficiency of 'qi' allows the invasion of exogenous pathogenic wind. Peripheral nervous disorders are often treated with acupuncture.

In Chinese medicine symptoms of Qi and Blood deficiency include muscle weakness or paralysis, numbness and tingling; these corresponding to the symptoms produced by irritation of the 7th cranial (facial) nerve.

The goal of treatment is to expel the Wind-Cold from the meridians, improve the circulation of Qi and Blood to nourish the muscles and restore nerve and muscle function. As muscle contraction improves, the treatment also aims to enhance the body’s defenses strengthening the individuals’ immune system.

Initially treatment focuses on using acupuncture points on the face and back of the head to expel the Wind and Cold. The acupuncture points that are selected on the face correspond anatomically to the paralyzed facial muscles. Depending on the individuals history a few additional points may be used.

Additional treatment options include electroacupuncture and cupping. Electroacupuncture involves stimulating several needles to enhance the effect of acupuncture; this is typically used in more chronic or severe cases. Cupping is frequently used an adjunct to acupuncture. Please see the “Accessory-Techniques” section of the web site for a description of cupping.

For example, good effects for Bell's palsy have been reported in randomized controlled trials: Lin, L. Through puncture compared with traditional acupuncture in treating facial paralysis. International Journal of Clinical Acupuncture, 1997, 8(1):73-75 and You, F.Y. et al. Observation of the effect of picking-out acupuncture in the treatment of Bell's palsy. Shanghai Journal of Acupuncture and Moxibustion, 1993, 12(2):74 [in Chinese].

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