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Acupuncture NYC - Sports Injuries

Acupuncture most frequently addresses back pain but also deals with muscle and joint pains in active and developing children, sports-related injuries such as 'tennis elbow' and 'golf elbow', knee pain, frozen shoulder, sciatica, sprains and strains, tendonitus, TMJ, muscular pain and circulation problems associated with pregnancy and work-related difficulties such as back problems and, repetitive motion injuries such as carpal tunnel.

The kidneys support the liver, and the liver directly supports the tendons. However, if the kidney yin becomes deficient, this affects the liver yin, which affects the tendons. Thus, if the kidneys become impaired or obstructed, the signs and symptoms correlate with any injuries associated with lower-extremity and low back functions. If the spleen becomes impaired or obstructed, the signs and symptoms correlate with any injuries associated with the extremities muscles.

By understanding the injury mechanism, we can identify the preexisting condition to counterbalance it with acupuncture and herbal medicine. By being able to identify the organ(s) affected, we can be more specific and preventative in our treatments.

Soccer Injury, Pain Free After 2 Visits

To Dr. Yang and Dr. Liu:

Thanks so much for the help with my ankle. Before I came to your acupuncture clinic, I sprained my ankle in soccer game, my ankle was very swollen and painful, I can’t walk with a normal gait. I was referred by my co-worker to you. After the first acupuncture treatment, I was back on my feet and playing soccer again. After the second visit, the pain was almost completely gone.

I am writing this testimonial to say that in my experience acupuncture is the most effective way to heal muscle sprains for athletes like myself. Dr. Yang’s acupuncture method is the best and fast way to stop pain in one session.

DJ. New York, NY

Sports Injury

One visit to Dr. Yang was more beneficial to my daughter than 40 visits to physical therapy she is getting more from her than from any other treatments. My daughter is 14 years old who had chronic traumatic injuring on her left ankle since May 2003. She is a very good runner at middle school. She is keeping injured her left ankle. This current injury is five weeks ago. So she couldn't run about five weeks now. She went to physical therapy three times per week, it did a little help. I was recommended by Dr. Yang's patient to her, with first visit, my daughter felt much looser and can walk and run without pain. Every time acupuncture treatment benefits to my daughter, after seven visits pain is completely gone and she can run like normal. I would highly introduce to you if you got sport injury and come to Dr. Yang right away, she will fix you.

LT. New York, NY

Sports Injury

I was preparing for my FBI recruiting training, I have to run 15 to 20 miles per day. I injured my both shin and it hurts so much, I can't run for a long time. My uncle Kenny is Dr. Yang's patient, he asked me to try acupuncture. I was so scared and skeptical before to her office, surprisingly, I felt significantly better after my first visit. Dr. Yang acupuncture relieved my leg pain in five treatments, I passed my FBI recruiting test and got a wonderful job. I really appreciate Dr. Yang. NA. New York, NY

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